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AdStar Media, LLC is a full service digital marketing agency operating out of Dallas, Texas. We specialize in bringing more paying clients to your business by utilizing targeted digital marketing strategies proven to generate a positive ROI and increase brand awareness! The company was founded by entrepreneur and digital advertising expert, Aleks Balac. Aleks is rated a Top 20 Business Leader via Yahoo Finance. He is commonly known as "bizfitaleks" on social media


We are in the business of making you money. We believe in our work and pride ourselves in taking your business to the next level. AdStar Media, LLC focuses on three main digital marketing services to enhance your business. Paid Advertising is the most effective form of digital marketing that we do. Whether your business is strictly ecommerce, or brick and mortar, we have a strategic plan for everyone. For local brick and mortar businesses, we utilize a system called geo-targeting, which is simply showing your ads to locals who are already interested in what you have to offer and are close enough and willing to drive to your location.


Next we have Web Design. Whether you already have a website that needs work, or need one built from scratch, we have you covered. Every website we work on is carefully analyzed to perfection and will have a tracking pixel installed in order to see who your website visitors are and where they come from. This leads to more efficient marketing as you will know your target customer's behaviours, and will be able to retarged people who have already been on your website and are familiar with your brand. 

Lastly, the most organic form of internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Our job is to get your website ranked higher than your direct competitors on big search engines like Google and Bing. When people look for businesses in your industry, you will pop up before others in your area, meaning more business for you! 

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