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Search Engine Optimization can be best described as your website's online location. By strategically embedding highly searched keywords on your website, you will be ranked and listed higher on popular search engines like Google. Why is that important? When someone searches a keyword specific to your niche, they usually click on one of the first three results that they see. Your business might be great, but if you're not in the top search results for your specific niche most of your potential customers will be doing business with your direct competitors rather than with you.


Your digital presence means everything in today's day and age. A higher search engine ranking will result in more calls, visits, sales, etc. Not to mention, being at the top of the search results will help your brand recognition the next time someone is in need of your products/services. Combine a good looking website with proper search engine optimization and a targeted digital marketing strategy and your business is ready to crush the competition!


How it Works:

When people type something into their search engine the results that show up are specifically ordered by search engine optimization. For example, if someone searches "realtor near Kalamazoo" the websites with the best search engine optimization will appear at the top of the page. If you are a real estate professional in Kalamazoo your website should be filled with the specific keywords most searched by people looking for your services in the greater Kalamazoo area. At AdStar Media, LLC we do extensive research on your potential clients to figure out what they are most likely to search when they are in need of your products/services and implement those keywords throughout your website. Proper SEO will help you gain a bigger market share in your industry by ranking ahead of your direct competitors. More market share means more money in your pocket!


The Perks of SEO:

  • Get ranked higher than your competitors 

  • Retain a bigger market share in your industry

  • Increase your website traffic

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