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How To End An Email

Ending your emails the right way can lead to better open rates, more responses and ultimately... more sales!

End The Email With A Question

The best way to end an email with the hopes of getting a response is to ask a simple question at the end. If the recipient took the time to read your entire email they will likely respond to your question at the end of it.

Email is a two way channel of communication with the goal of getting a response, many people forget this. Many people tend to end an email with a direct statement rather than leaving it open ended.

Which example do you think is more likely to get a response?

Example A:

I would love to schedule a phone call with you sometime next week.

Example B:

When would you be available for a phone call next week? Does Tuesday at 3pm work?

Example A tells the recipient you'd like to speak with them but now what?

Example B asks the recipient when they are available and directly suggests a time. The recipient of the email is much more likely to respond if you ended the email using Example B.