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How To End An Email

Ending your emails the right way can lead to better open rates, more responses and ultimately... more sales!

End The Email With A Question

The best way to end an email with the hopes of getting a response is to ask a simple question at the end. If the recipient took the time to read your entire email they will likely respond to your question at the end of it.

Email is a two way channel of communication with the goal of getting a response, many people forget this. Many people tend to end an email with a direct statement rather than leaving it open ended.

Which example do you think is more likely to get a response?

Example A:

I would love to schedule a phone call with you sometime next week.

Example B:

When would you be available for a phone call next week? Does Tuesday at 3pm work?

Example A tells the recipient you'd like to speak with them but now what?

Example B asks the recipient when they are available and directly suggests a time. The recipient of the email is much more likely to respond if you ended the email using Example B.

Use A Call To Action! (Very Important)

We as human beings tend to subconsciously do the things we are told without even thinking about them. When we see a button on a website that says "click here" we often tend to do so. The same goes for email!

End the email by telling the recipient exactly what you want them to do.

Want to set up a a call with them? Ask them what time and day they are available for a call.

Want them to check out your website? Provide a link and ask them to click on it.

By providing a simple call to action you are telling the reader of the email exactly what you want them to do which will ultimately lead to a higher response rate.

If the goal of your email is to get the recipient to your website, then simply end the email by telling them to check out your website! Don't just leave a link at the bottom of the email in hopes of them clicking on it. By providing a link and telling them to click on it, chances are they probably will.

Thank Them

Don't forget to end your email without thanking the recipient, especially if you're sending the email to someone of high status. A simple thank you goes a long way!

A common practice is to use one of the following:

- Sincerely,

- Regards,

- Cheers

There is no right of wrong ending for your email, just make sure to acknowledge that you appreciate them taking the time to read what you had to say.

Use A Signature

If you really want to put the cherry on top, include a signature at the end of the email.

Don't know how to create an email signature? Check out this great article by Hubspot that goes over the entire process in detail.

Ending an email the right way will make you appear more professional and give you the results you are looking for. Follow these steps and you'll experience much better results!

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