​​What is the Online Billboard?


  • The Online Billboard is a billboard style ad on our website that is displayed to 1.5 Million local residents in Dallas, TX every single month.


Why is our Online Billboard better than traditional highway billboards?


  • Traditional billboards can't tell you how many people actually interacted with your business.

  • Our Online Billboard allows people in your city to contact you and visit your website directly by clicking on your ad.

How does it work?​

  • We receieve massive amounts of geographically targeted website traffic (visitors) to The Online Billboard ad utilizing AdStar Media's advanced digital advertising strategies. All of the visitors who see your Online Billboard ad are specifically located in Dallas, TX. Not only is your business being shown to millions of people every month, but they are also all within driving distance.

Dallas Online Billboard

$249.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
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Online Billboard
1.5 Million+ Local Business Views
$149.00monthly/ auto-renew